Kiln & Recaust (Paper Mill) Superintendent

Company Name:
Human Resources Administrator/Recruiter
The Kiln & Recaust Superintendent is responsible for supporting the goals of the business unit in safety, environmental stewardship, maintenance, and production. This position coordinates department activities for our Lime Kilns (3), Slakers & Causticizers (4), associated clarifiers and tank farms and the HVLC & LVHC NCG Systems in our fully integrated pulp and paper mill, using discretion and decision making skills to meet company and department short-term and long-term goals. Direct and indirection supervision of shift supervisors and hourly production operators is required as well.
Job Duties:
o Adherence and support of the company's safety culture
o Work with Maintenance Department planners to efficiently complete work needed to meet department Safety, Production and Environmental goals
o Place priorities on mechanical work, plan outages and oversee the completion of work. This could include discretionary decisions about parts, materials and personnel to maximize reliability while maintaining the department budget
o Communicate closely with other Pulp Mill business unit area superintendents to coordinate activities, balancing work loads and production requirements for the mill
o Participate in meetings to plan long term goals such as shutdown, budgets, and other necessary business initiatives
o Assist the Pulp Mill Manager in the review, justification and validation of capital project work
o Work closely with the process control and engineering resources for continuous improvements and optimization as well as developing systems to sustain gains; meet goals for cost, quality, energy use and other key parameters
o Participate in group efforts that include other departments for the betterment of the company
o Analyze cost reports, electronic data and other company resources as needed
o Support department supervisors by developing and participating in team meetings
Minimum Qualification Requirements:
o A demonstrated commitment to safety!
o 5 years of Kraft recovery production experience and 5 years supervisory experience
o A college degree in Engineering or Pulp & Paper Science is preferred
o Strong analytical, trouble shooting and decision making skills
o A team player with a positive attitude that will continuously pursue strategies to ensure safety and quality and build rapport with the crews
o The desire to teach, coach, mentor and promote the success of a dynamic, goal oriented and fast paced environment
o Strong organizational skills; the ability to prioritize, maintain attention to detail and recognize time constraints
o Proficient in the use of word processing, spreadsheet and enterprise management programs

Bachelor's Chemical Engineering or Paper Science, plus 3+ years experience
0-6 (the more the better) years of recovery boilers or furnaces
Need to be familiar or knowledge of Lime Kiln, Slakers, or causticizers
Need to have experience with the paper mill industry
Strong passion for safety
Strong leadership skills

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